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Are you or your organization interested in furthering the mission of Remain in Touch? Here are some ideas:

Spread the Word!  The more people know about Remain in Touch, the more our support base grows and the more families are positively impacted by this wonderful program. Please share your enthusiasm for Remain in Touch and its mission by one or more of the following…

  • Word of Mouth – Tell friends, family, colleagues, associates, small groups and other potentially interested people about Remain in Touch! Refer them to our website!

  • Place our literature in your church, office, or business.

  • Invite a representative from Remain in Touch to speak to your group.


Donate Funds – In order to keep our book carts full, record CDs, and pay mailing costs to get the books and recordings to children; donations are needed and greatly appreciated.

  • Donations payable to Remain in Touch can be mailed, or made securely online right here on our website.

  • You or your organization might consider making a regular donation to Remain in Touch such as yearly or quarterly.

  • Matching funds is another way organizations or businesses can greatly increase the impact of their members’ generosity.

  • In lieu of an office or family gift exchange during the holidays, collect donations for Remain in Touch.

  • Place a donation jar at a place of business for a month along with our literature.

  • Are you part of a book group or other small group/organization? Make Remain in Touch your charity of the year. Each time you meet, collect $1 (or other agreed upon amount) from each member to donate to Remain in Touch.

Note: All donors receive a letter of acknowledgement for tax purposes.

Donate Books – Visit our partner Brilliant Books on Front Street in Traverse City or online  to select a book(s) from our list of desired titles. You will receive a 20% discount.

Brilliant Books will deliver your donated books to Remain in Touch on your behalf.

  • The Gift of a Book – In honor or memory of someone you love, choose a book(s) from Brilliant Books during the holidays, for a birthday, or other occasion.


Donate In-kind Needed Items or Services such as

  • printing services

  • recordable audio CDs, or mailing labels for the book envelopes we send to children

  • a venue for a fund raising event

  • a performance for a fund raising event

  • food items or catering for an event

  • help at an event

  • professional services

Ask to be on our mailing/emailing list to receive newsletters and other updates.

Attend a Remain In Touch Fundraising Event. Check our website and newsletters for upcoming events. Bring friends!


Host a Fundraising Event for Remain in Touch. If your organization would like to make a big impact by hosting a fundraising event, please contact us!

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